Friday, June 30, 2017

My Holiday - Day 5 & 6 - Mum Heart Conference (NSW)

Day 5

The Mum Heart Conference
(I plan to do a separate post of what I learned and some things God showed me,
but for now here are some photos.)

Our view from our hotel room.

Beautiful music playing when we arrived.

Another photo of my dear friend, Elissa.
We met in Darwin when we both lived there.
It was so good to catch up!

Over 150 Christian homeschooling mums!

A special message from Sally Clarkson.

Alice spoke at the Mum Heart conference last year,
and I was thrilled to hear her speak again.

Barb - the lovely lady behind the Mum Heart Conferences in Australia.

Homeschool graduate panel.
This was such a fun session listening to homeschool graduates,
what they loved and hated about homeschooling.
They all spoke very highly of homeschooling!

Day 6 

The view from the beach of our hotel.

Morning Worship

On our way back to Sydney, another friend from Darwin rode along with us so we could catch up.
After about an hour of chatting and laughing we looked and saw this sign.  Oops!

Another dear friend that I know from our time living in Darwin.

The view from our hotel room - Sydney Harbourview Hotel

We decided to stay here our last night together.
So glad we did, what a beautiful view!

We went down to Circular Quay to have dinner by the Opera House 
and enjoy the lights.

They had a little booth that you could go in and change the lights for the harbour.
It was so cool!  You could change the colours of each building and the bridge.
When you're done, you push a big button then all the lights go off for a second,
and your colours appear!

We thought it was pretty cool to be able to see our breath.  Haha!

Still two more days of my holiday!

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