Monday, July 3, 2017

My Holiday - Day 7 & 8

Day 7

This was our last day together in Sydney.  Because of a mixup of dates, Kristine had to fly out Monday night, but my flight wasn't until Tuesday night.  We had planned to go whale watching on our second day, but it was cancelled due to strong waves.  We rescheduled it for our final day in Sydney together.
The view from our hotel.

From the window, I was afraid I'd drop my phone getting this shot!

Another view from the Sydney Harbourview Hotel

From planes, to trains, to buses, and taxis we found our way around Sydney.

Lunch at Nick's.  I've ate hear nearly everytime I've gone to Sydney.

Heading out to the harbour for the whale watching cruise.

We found a whale almost immediately!

See the whale spout?

Gorgeous views!  I love the ocean!

My favourite shot!
What a great way to spend our last day together in Sydney!

Beautiful Sydney

Saying goodbye.  {insert sad face}

After I left Kristine at the train station to head back to the airport,  I made my back way to Darling Harbour which was close to the hotel I was staying at.  Kristine and I never made it down here for the Vivid lights.  So this was a first for me to see.  I was a bit sad to not share this with her.  There was a fountain and light show, not sure you can see it on the right.

I had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe so I could watch the water and light show.

Another shot of the light show, not sure you can see the face in the water.

My hotel on my last night in Sydney.

Day 8

I had one whole day in Sydney to myself.  So I decided to go check out some museums.  I'm getting to know my way around this part of Sydney, so I was comfortable walking, plus I was determined to have another 15,000+ step day!  Haha!

Kind of reminds of New York City in the fall.

I had to check out the Ducati store for my husband.
I picked him up a coffee mug as a souvenir.

One of the museums I went to had these dog bones.  I knew Cody would enjoy this story.  They found the bones when tearing down the Governor's House.  Because the bones were all together, they assume it was someone's pet that was buried.

Interesting way of making friends.  :)

While trying to find the next thing to do,
I had lunch at Vapiano's, which is where we ate earlier in our trip.

Seriously good pizza!

I decided to head back to Darling Harbour to check out the Maritime Museum.

Maritime Museum.
I was mainly interested in the exhibit of Pompeii.

Casts made from original casts they found at Pompeii.
They assume it was a mother and child.

Saying goodbye to Sydney for now.

What an amazing trip!   I'm so thankful for the opportunity to get away for a week, and especially to be able to spend it with a friend.  I came home refreshed and ready to get back to it!

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