Sunday, June 9, 2019

Where have I gone?

I've been slack with blogging (last post was over a year ago).  Between facebook and instagram, I guess I feel blogging has become obsolete for me.  I tried creating a new blog - but I struggle to keep up with that one as well.  Again, I document most of our homeschooling on instagram (@homeschoolaustralia).  So if you're looking for me, that's where you'll find me.  :)

Sunday, May 6, 2018

My new adventure - doTERRA essential oils

I've been watching friend jump on the essential oil bandwagon, and have said, "not me!"  Famous last words!  Haha! I've was making my own cleaning products, and have found that adding oils from the grocery store just wasn't enough.  A few months ago I went to an essential oils class in my town and was sold.  I purchased a small kit, and made an all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, and dishwashing tablets using doTERRA essential oils and I've been very happy with them and haven't purchased cleaning products in months!

I decided to buy a diffuser for the school room.  I was nervous about lighting candles as we are in and out of the room all day.  The diffuser has been a wonderful addition.  I can add the oils in the morning (I go for ones that are uplifting and motivating) and turn it on and not worry about it.  It's always nice to walk in the room after a break and smell peppermint or whatever else I'm diffusing.

I ended up getting another diffuser (I got them off eBay) for our lounge room.  I don't always have this one going during the day, but every evening after dinner I add some lavender to the diffuser.  I find it's been a good way to kind of calm everyone down from our busy days and just relax a bit before bedtime.

Because I have been enjoying the oils so much, I have decided to become a Wellness Advocate.  I don't want to push the oils on anyone, but if you are interested in essential oils (whether you live here in Australia or in the states...or anywhere really) I'd be happy to chat with you.  

If you want to have a look at the different oils, here is my link where you can see what we have to offer  - I have decided to pursue this as a business to help with our family's income, so when you purchase using my link it benefits our family.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Deadly 60 Down Under

It's not often that a celebrity comes to town especially one you're quite fond of.  Cody is a big fan of Steve Backshall and his show the Deadly 60.  He was thrilled to see Steve live on stage and of course, it's heaps more fun with friends!

Cody and Hayden are both turning 10 this month,
so this was a bit of an early birthday present!

Checking out their new Deadly 60 books.

Great show, Steve!  Thank you for inspiring our kids!

I'm back!

Some of you may have noticed that I've been absent for awhile.  I had two computer crashes last year plus two big overseas trips.  I finally got a new laptop so I'll posting and trying to get things caught up.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Brinkman Adventures {Review}

Brinkman Adventures

If you enjoy audios, then I know you will love Brinkman Adventures.   We have listened the Brinkman Adventures in the past and were excited to review Brinkman Adventures Season 4.  Season 4 includes these 12 fun, exciting, and action-packed episodes along with their theme...

37. A Paradise Lost - God is in Control
38. Remember Nhu - Persevering
39. Aisha's Fear - Overcoming Fear with Love
40. Heart Song - Tenacious Faith
41. The Crashed Kitchen - God Doesn't Make Mistakes
42. Crisis in the Congo - People over Projects
43. The Mysterious Palm Feller - Confronting Evil
44. War of the Raccoons - Faithfulness in Work
45. The Five Guys - Listening to God
46. Toughest Man - Surrendering Everything
47. Cambodian Quest - Going Deeper with God
48. What Brings Us Together - Glorifying God in Every Vocation

Brinkman Adventures

Listening to audios is a great way to unwind.  I like to just turn on an audio and let the kids draw or colour while we just rest and listen.  The Brinkman Adventures has been a great addition to our school time. 
Season 4 takes you from Wisconsin to Cambodia to the Middle East to Russia to the Congo and even to some undisclosed locations!  I love that each episode has a theme.  From "God is in Control" to "Going Deeper with God."  

I love that these stories are based on real life happenings.  Some things are changed to help the story line flow better and to make it child friendly (as in the episode "Remember Nhu"), but you can read the Real Stories, see photos and videos here at this link.  I really love that they have this part of their website.  I enjoyed reading through all the real stories behind the episodes.

I don't want to give away all the episodes, but here is some info on some of our favourites.

My daughter just spent a week at camp, so it was fun to listen to the first episode of season 4.  While it did rain while my daughter was it camp, it was nothing compared to the Brikman's and their campers went through.  

"Remember Nhu" was a powerful episode, and was an eye opener of what is happening in Cambodia.    I loved this story and how they have opened safe houses for the girls in Cambodia.  I also love how it emphasises how important it is to listen to that small still voice from God.  Had he not listened to God speaking to him, things could be very different in Cambodia.

I encourage you to check out The Brinkman Adventures website.  Listen to a few samples.  I'm sure you'll be hooked!

Find The Brinkman Adventures on Facebook.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Super Teacher Worksheets {Review}

 Super Teacher Worksheets

We were given the Individual Membership from Super Teacher Worksheets to review alongside our regular homeschool curriculum.  I am not one to step outside my curriculum very often, but the past few weeks have been very busy for me, so having the Super Teacher Worksheets as a backup for my kids has been a lifesaver for me!

 Super Teacher Worksheets

I've been using Super Teacher Worksheets for the past few weeks and still feel I have only scratched the surface of what all they have to offer.  I have used this for my 9 year old son who is in 4th grade (year 4).  They have worksheets for literally everything.  I cannot think of one area they have missed.

When I knew we were going to have a busy day and I wouldn't be available to do our main curriculum, I went onto the Super Teacher Worksheets and printed off a heap of worksheets for my son to do.  They have everything from reading comprehension to multiplication to science to writing prompts and so much more!

The pages have fun, colourful graphics that caught my son's eye.  So when I put "extra" work in front of him there was no grumbling and complaining.  I printed off a lot of fun activities for him.  I like to call this "sneaky school."   I love when he is learning and he doesn't realise it.  

Reading Comprehension is an area that I know he struggles with, so I love that Super Teacher Worksheets had fun stories that he was interested in reading, and then he'd answer the questions on his own.  This gave me a good idea of where he is at with his reading.  By the way, the worksheets come with the answers so mum doesn't have to worry about reading the story to check his answers!

There are plenty of seasonal worksheets, as well.  While we don't have the fall season here, we do miss it.  So my son enjoyed doing worksheets with a fall theme. 
This was one of his favourite worksheets.

Another fun area that Super Teacher Worksheets has to offer is that YOU can create your own worksheets.  Again, I feel that I've only scratched the surface of this great website, but I made a word search for my son using land animals that he has learned about in his science.  As you can see in the photo below, I simply added the words, and they made the word search.  It comes with the answer key and the info.  I secretly like to see that it was created by: Mum!  Haha!

I have also used multiplication worksheets to help reinforce the times table for my son, and we've done a few worksheets on adjectives and adverbs.  There is just so much here, I encourage you to take some time to look over the website - Super Teacher Worksheets.  

 Super Teacher Worksheets
The Individual Membership is only $19.95/year for one user to have unlimited access to all the printable resources.  Totally worth it in my opinion.

Super Teacher Worksheets' Social Media...

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Monday, October 2, 2017

The Bauer Homestead is Expanding

Last week I went out to feed and water our animals and discovered 8 baby ducks!
Momma and babies are doing just fine.

They are adorable!