About Me

Hi, I'm Jen.  I'm officially in my 30s and living to blog about it.  Here are some things you may or may not want to know about me...
  • I'm am unashamedly a Christian.
  • I love Jesus and desire to serve Him with all my heart.
  • Isaiah 55:8-9 are my life's verses.  They're good ones, look 'em up.
  • I've been married for almost 17 years to an amazing guy.
  • I have two children - Autumn {13} and Cody {8}.
  • We moved to Australia in November of 2011.
  • My husband is a pastor.
  • That makes me a pastor's wife. 
  • We are working in an Indigenous Community in the Northern Territory.  I love it!
  • Fall is my favourite season, but sadly we don't have fall here.
  • I enjoy homeschooling, I think my kid's do too.  We are in our 10th year!
  • I won a Sleep Number bed from another blog {5 Minutes for Mom} many years ago, and brought it along to Australia!
  • I love photos and photography, but have a long way to go before I'm good at it.
  • I don't drink coffee or tea...sorry if I just offended anyone.  :)
  • Anything else you want to know?  Just ask!  thebauerfamily@hotmail.com