Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Field Trip to the Post Office

This past week we went on a field trip along with some other homeschoolers in town to the post office.  We had a wonderful tour and we learned a lot!

The kid's wrote letters and were allowed to stamp them and put them in the bin ready to be sent out for delivery.

Autumn wrote a letter to her best friend in America.

We got to see how they organise the mail for each street.

Here is the back side of the post office boxes.
The kids kept looking inside them hoping someone would open them up to check their mail,
and then they could scare them.
Didn't have anyone open their boxes though.  :)
Here is the back side to the parcel lockers.
This is for packages that don't need a signature.

We learned the difference in priority mail and regular mail.

Here is where the sort the mail for the stations and communities.
The bags are then tied up and put on a plane for delivery.

Roger, who happens to be our postie, gave the kids a tour of his motorbike.
He was great with the kids and answered all their questions.
Our dog may have been named when asked which dogs have gone after him.

Here are some of the kids that came along.
A few of them didn't want to be in the photo for some reason.
Kids these days!

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