Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10 Reasons I Homeschool

1. I believe God wants me to homeschool my children.
2. I enjoy having my children home with me.
Yes, I really do!
3. My children are able work at their own pace.
4. My children learn in a relaxed environment.
5. I have control over the choice of my children's friends,
as opposed to them being in a school setting where I don't know their classmates or their parents.
6. My children are best friends (for the most part!). 
7. I don't want strangers teaching my children.  
8.  I enjoy the one-on-one time with them.
9.  I love learning along side my children.
10.  I love having my family altogether!


Lou Ann Keiser said...

LOVE this! I did a similar post, yet not similar. My kids are grown, and I don't have photos of them schooling. Loved your photos and all of your points. Excellent stuff!

Chris and Carole said...

Great Post!

George said...

Hello there Patrick and Jennifer and children, Since I heard from your Dad the other night about your site again and Im off work today . I thought I would look you up and whats going on there in Australia. And your children are certainly growing up since they were here. And we hope you are all doing well as well as your work for the Lord there. And hope and pray he blesses it really well along with your homeschooling program, I just read about. God bless you all and keep holding forth the word of life since the word of God will do the work of God and the word of God is not bound. And bringeth forth fruit as we walk in the spirit and depend on the vine and we are only the branches. As we as Christians need to remember and bringeth forth fruit as it doth also in you. Take Care ! Sincerely ; George & Susan Smith