Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life is Full

Meaning: life is so busy some days my head is left spinning!  I want to post on here more often, but I just don't have the time.  I'm on facebook and do post on there regularly, so if you're not getting enough of my family here, friend me on facebook.
I thought I'd do a little catch up.  And if you have read this blog for long, you know I like bullet points.
  • Next month we will be celebrating our two year anniversary of being in Australia.  2 years already!  Crazy!  Some days I still pinch myself.
  • We are moving around the end of November.  The Lord has already blessed us with a new home.  It is a three bedroom house on 1/2 acre of land.  It has a garage and a carport (which makes Patrick very happy!).  It's an older home and needs a little work, but we're so excited about the ministry potential here.  The rent is even a bit cheaper than where we are currently living.   Here is a photo of our new house...
  • We are going into the wet season.  I love it!!  Here is a photo of a storm we had the other night.
  • Gateway Baptist Church, the church we are filling in at while the pastor is on furlough, is doing well.  We've got a good core group of people coming out.
  • Savannah Way Baptist Church, the second church my husband is pastoring, is also doing well.  In fact, we already need to find a new place to worship.  The room we use is getting too small!
  • We set up a stall at our local markets every Friday night.  Patrick and a man from our church make balloon animals for the kids.  We also give out many tracts and coloring papers for the kids with an invite to Sunday School.  This Friday is the last one of the season.  We've been doing it since the last Friday in April, and we're looking forward to having a little break.  Which only means, we will fill it up with something else!
  • My ladies Bible study is going very well.  Next week we are finishing up a great Bible study.  We plan to spend November in the book of Philippians, then taking a break for the holidays.  I would appreciate prayer as we look for someone else to lead the Bible study, as we will be moving.
  • Cody is doing great.  He's beginning to read, which has been so fun.  He is definitely his father's son, but a mommy's boy.  He loves to be outdoors, has a great sense of humor, and is all around a pretty well-behaved boy.  Here is a photo of him wearing a cowboy hat he found, he doesn't normally wear hats.  It's too cute not to share.
  • Autumn is also doing well.  She is a social butterfly.  School is her least favourite part of the day!  She loves arts and crafts, and has really become a great reader.  I love seeing her with a book.  She loves to write books as well.  Recently she wrote a book and entered it into the Young Territorian Authors competition.  This is the second year she's done this.  Maybe she'll go on to write and illustrate her own books someday.  Here is a photo of her enjoying a fruit smoothie at our friend's restaurant:
I think that should catch you up for the time being!  We will be sending out our new address shortly.
Please be in prayer for us and the kids and we make these changes over the next month or so.  It's another step closer in our desire to reach the Indigenous People here for the Lord!


Chris and Carole said...

Two years! Time flies when you're having fun! :-) So excited for you and praying with you about all the busyness and transitions you are going through.

Love the house and the weather looks gorgeous (said while I'm freezing here in the Arctic!)

Linda Gangemella said...

The kids are growing up so quickly! I can't believe you've been there 2 years....Seems like we were just eating at Pizza Hut!