Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River Queen

We had a great time on the Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River Queen.  Last December we went to another one for my birthday.  So this was our second experience on a jumping crocodile cruise.  They call it a jumping crocodile cruise because the crocodiles literally jump out of the water for food that is dangling by a fishing line above them.  It's actually quite fascinating to watch.
This is their 25th anniversary of business, so until October 2013 it is just $25 per person for the crocodile cruise (kids under 4 are free).  Here are a few photos from our day.
A fun play are for the kids.  Notice the crocodile on the roof?

This is a photo from the lower deck of the boat
with my hubby and son watching the crocodile.

They can jump higher than this!

Once you see them lower their body in the water and just their head sticking out,
you will soon see them jump!

Everyone on the lower deck watching the croc.

We brought a friend from Western Australia along.
This is on the top deck.

They also feed the birds, and you get to see a cool ariel show!
If you are ever in Australia's Northern Territory this is a must see tourist attraction. 

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Rachel said...

My boys thought the pictures were so cool. They would love to get to go on this.