Monday, May 27, 2013

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That...

This photo was taken at the Stoke's Hill Wharf in Darwin, NT Australia.
A storm was rolling in and it's the dry season, so it's a bit unusual.
I thought I'd give a little bit of an update, and you all know I like my bullet points!
  • Homeschooling - It's going.  We are at week 15.  This is the time of year where everyone else is finishing up the school  year and we're almost half way done with ours.  We should have a 4 week break at 20 weeks, but I'm going to postpone it a few weeks because of my family coming to visit.  We're going to have school break while they are here!  Autumn is doing well with grade 5, and I feel she is finally where she should be.  Cody is in Kindergarten.  He has been learning his numbers and sounds.  We're beginning to work on reading skills.  So far he's enjoying it.
  • Ministry - It's busy!  Sunday church has been going well.  It's the dry season, which means tourists are starting to come through.  We also have a group of US marines attending.  And then our regulars are still faithful and we are thankful for that.  My husband also continues to drive to Katherine every Sunday night to preach for a small, but growing church (they are waiting for their pastor to arrive from America, who is waiting on his visa).  So he preaches in the morning at Gateway, has a quick lunch, then drives three hours to Katherine to preach there.  Sometimes the kids and I go along, it depends what's going on around here.  Monday night's I lead a ladies Bible study.  We have about 10 ladies coming out faithfully.  It's a great time of fellowship and spending time in God's Word.  I am so enjoying it.  Thursdays we have our mid-week service in our home.  It's more of a family Bible study.  Then Friday nights we go to the local markets where we set up a booth and give out balloon creations to the kids.  We also give out a coloring sheet which has an invitation to the church and give out tracts to the parents.  Then Saturday is spent preparing for Sunday.
  • Family Visit! - August 24 my dad, his wife, and my brother, Jeff, will arrive here for a 10 day visit.  I can hardly wait.  I am so excited to see them and show them our life here.
  • Future - You'd think after three years of waiting on a visa we would learn patience, but alas, I am a work in progress!  As many of you know, our burden is to work with the Aboriginals, the Indigenous people here.  Although my husband has been asked to come pastor several churches around Australia, we continue to pray for the Lord's leading and will in our life.  They are so many church without a pastor.  It breaks my heart.  We feel the Lord leading in a particular way, and we are waiting on Him to guide us and for His perfect timing.  Until then, we are in Darwin and happy and content with the life He has given us. 
As you can see, life is full, but we are happy.  Our home has a revolving door, people are always coming and going.  I never know how many to expect for dinner.  I love it.  The only problem?  My weeks are just flying by.  Some days seem long, but the weeks go fast.  I can hardly believe it will be June next week.  Wasn't it just Christmas?  Cody reminded me the other day that on his next birthday he will be 6.  Seriously, kid, slow down!  Autumn has had a growth spurt, and has outgrown most of her clothing.  She is as tall as I am now, and she's only 10. 
So, life is good, family is good, ministry is good.  I just wish it would all slow down so I can savour the moments.

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