Sunday, August 26, 2012

{Not} Back to School Blog Hop - A Day in the Life

Our typical day goes like this...
8:00am - Kids wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast.
9:00am - Morning chores (ie. pick up rooms, make beds, feed dog)
9:30am - begin school
Cody's school work only takes an hour at most,
so then he plays the wii, plays outside or with his cars. 
Yes, this photo was taken at about 11am and
he is still in pj's.  Don't judge me!
12:00pm - Lunch (also my computer time)
1:00pm - Room time (We all go to our rooms, this is my exercise and Bible study time.)
2:00 - Finish any school work
Then free time until daddy gets home!
9:30pm - Bedtime



Eddie said...

No judging on the pyjamas here! We homeschool in pyjamas - heck, we live in pyjamas - whenever we're home and there aren't any guests.

Jenny said...

Unless I'm leaving the house, there's a good chance I'll be in my pjs :). No judgement here!

Anonymous said...

8 a.m Gasp! lol ~> I so could not wake up at 8 a.m! To me that is so the perk of homeschooling, being able to sleep in a bit ;)

In our home we wake around 9:30-10 a.m. and then after we get up and get ready for our day, we have what I call Brunch. we then do our studies. We start with our online program Time4Learning, then we do our Unit study, then we have reading time. That is all :)!
We then play outside or go off, watch Tv, etc.
Since we school year round we can do less and still finish each year on time.
Thanks for sharing, loved reading your post and thanks for letting me share too!