Monday, August 27, 2012

Missionary Monday ~ My Ministry

The theme this week for Missionary Monday is Your Ministry.  So this post was a bit hard for me, first because I'm the one always taking photos and second because I dislike my photo being taken. 
This first one is of me playing the paino at church on Sunday mornings. I asked my husband to take it, and because of our poor lighting, it's the best we could do. Sorry about my evil eyes! I enjoy playing the piano. I can play most hymns, and for now that works in our church.

I teach Sunday School and Children's Church. I miss being in the service, but I also love teaching. I've been having around 8 or 9 children the past few Sundays. Ages range from 1-10! It gets interesting! Here we are marching around the room singing "In the Lord's Army".
This is such an important ministry in the church, and sometimes one that doesn't get many thank yous. If all the kids are out of the church, then it allows quiet for the Holy Spirit to work as the Word of God is being preached. I am currently teaching through the Bible. This past Sunday we learned about the Tower of Babel!
Here is my group of kids in Katherine, a town about 3 hours south.  There is a family planning to be here soon to start a church, so in the meantime we go down about once a month and have a Bible study.
Here is our Ladies Bible Study.  I shared these photos last week.  We are having a wonderful time going through Proverbs 31 and learning how to apply these verses to our daily lives.
I also do a lot of the secretary work for the church, as well as running errands for my husband, baking for morning tea on Sundays, as well as others odds and ends.  Please know, I do not post this for my glory, but to share with you my life.  If you see any good here, it's all because of God...never do I want to take His glory.
So there you have "my" ministry.  I have my in quotes, because obviously it's all God's, and He gets all the glory and praise.  I am just so thankful and humbled to be a part of Gateway Baptist Church here in the Northern Territory.  God is good.
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