Thursday, August 23, 2012

American Pickers

American Pickers - I have a love/hate relationship with this show.   I love watching the show, I love the "great picks" they find, but sometimes it makes me so homesick!  A few weeks ago they were driving up I-81 in Pennsylvania, my old "stomping grounds" so to speak!  My pap would have loved this show.  He loved to go to auctions and yard sales. 

We get many American television shows here in Australia.  I cringe at some of them, like Pawn Stars or Swamp People.  I guess it's like when we Americans think of Australia, we think of the Crocodile Hunter or Crocodile Dundee.   To which they often roll their eyes.

When Australian's mimic our {American} accent they use the southern accent!  Makes me laugh every time.   I like to remind them I'm a yankee, but to them all Americans are southern.  

Anyway back to the show - American Pickers.  It comes on every Wednesday night at 9:30 for two hours.  I make sure that the kids are in bed before 9:30 so I don't miss it!  It always makes me want to go to some thrift stores or yard sales.  Tonight I got to thinking about all the auctions my pap would take me to and I would be so bored.  What I would give to take that back!

Like I said, we get a lot of American tv shows.  We get the Today show, it airs the next day for us.  There is also Dr. Oz, Ellen, the View, Days of our Lives, Bones, all the CSI shows, all the Law & Order shows, and more.  (Please note, I don't watch most of those, just mentioning that they air here.)  But personally, my favorite is American Pickers.  How about you, what's your favorite tv show right now?


Barbie said...

I have watched that show from time to time. It is amazing what they can find!
Personally, I like to watch "The Great Food Truck Race" on the food network. "Wind at my Back" is another favorite of mine (on INSP).

Anonymous said...

We are still watching DVDs and haven't hooked ourselves up to television stations yet. I really miss the Food Channel.