Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Candy Bar Birthday Card - Pinterest

Dear Daddy,
We have been chomping at the bit to give you your birthday presents.
We thought it would be tacky to give you money for your birthday.
So we decided to take you on a picnic.
Maybe later watch an eclipse.
Autumn thought you would rather a boost to the milky way,
or even better jupiter or mars.
Cody says girls go to jupiter to get more stupider,
and boys go to mars to get more candy bars.
We finally decided you should take a time out
and enjoy this momento.
We hope it doesn't make you rolover and get sick,
if it does we promise not to snicker.
Your Smarties
We think you are a marvelous creation.
Happy birthday!
*Bold marks the name of the candy bars.


enthusiastically, dawn said...

Deliciously adorable!

Melissa B. said...

This is cool! I think I could think of a way to do this. We have different candy bars over here, but I think I'm creative enough to do this. I would love to give it to my husband for his birthday.