Sunday, May 6, 2018

My new adventure - doTERRA essential oils

I've been watching friend jump on the essential oil bandwagon, and have said, "not me!"  Famous last words!  Haha! I've was making my own cleaning products, and have found that adding oils from the grocery store just wasn't enough.  A few months ago I went to an essential oils class in my town and was sold.  I purchased a small kit, and made an all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, and dishwashing tablets using doTERRA essential oils and I've been very happy with them and haven't purchased cleaning products in months!

I decided to buy a diffuser for the school room.  I was nervous about lighting candles as we are in and out of the room all day.  The diffuser has been a wonderful addition.  I can add the oils in the morning (I go for ones that are uplifting and motivating) and turn it on and not worry about it.  It's always nice to walk in the room after a break and smell peppermint or whatever else I'm diffusing.

I ended up getting another diffuser (I got them off eBay) for our lounge room.  I don't always have this one going during the day, but every evening after dinner I add some lavender to the diffuser.  I find it's been a good way to kind of calm everyone down from our busy days and just relax a bit before bedtime.

Because I have been enjoying the oils so much, I have decided to become a Wellness Advocate.  I don't want to push the oils on anyone, but if you are interested in essential oils (whether you live here in Australia or in the states...or anywhere really) I'd be happy to chat with you.  

If you want to have a look at the different oils, here is my link where you can see what we have to offer  - I have decided to pursue this as a business to help with our family's income, so when you purchase using my link it benefits our family.

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