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The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles (CTM Publishing Atlanta) {TOS Review Crew}

The Pray-ers / Book 1 TroublesThe Prayer-ers Book 1 "Troubles" by Mark S. Mirza is a Christian Fiction book about the power of prayer. It is published by CTM Publishing Atlanta.  It follows the life of three men from three different time periods.  In the book, we meet Epaphrus (a friend of the Apostle Paul), Brother Alexander Rich (a circuit-riding preacher in Georgia during the 19th century), and Dr. Dale (a track coach at a secular university and leader in the church during our current time period).

Pray-ers talks about the spiritual warfare around us that we do not see.  It talks of demons and angels.  (And just on a side note, I greatly appreciate Mr. Mirza's consideration of not capitalising the names of demons and satan.  I always think of capitalising names as a sign of respect and attention, both of which satan does not deserve.)  

It follows these demons and talks about some of their "failures" - their failures were those men named above.  Their failures were not because these men were perfect, but because these men knew how to fight the enemy - through the power of prayer.

Here is an excerpt from the book that I loved in regards to the demons "failures"...
"The real reason is because of the way prayer moves the Christians. They end up more deeply knowing our Enemy [God], the Enemy! The more these Christians that pray know scripture, the better they know the Enemy, and the more faith they pray with. Oh, it’s just a disaster.” 

I also appreciated the amount of Scripture he put in his footnotes.  Many times I went to them just to learn more about what the Bible has to say about demons and angels, and prayer.

I am not a big fan of fiction books, but I found this one interesting.  It's honestly the first fiction book that I have read in years.  When I read the info on the book that is was about demons and angels, I was quite hesitant, but I felt it was well written and worth the read.  I firmly believe in demons and angels, and even more so, the POWER OF PRAYER!  Friends, we are in a spiritual battle, and prayer is our main weapon.  So why don't we use it more?!

I would probably recommend this for older teenagers and older.  I'm not sure my 13 year old would quite understand everything.  Maybe this is my excuse to not have these deep discussions quite yet.  Although because of our ministry, she is very aware of them.

I was given a ePub copy of the book to the review.  This is Book 1, and it kinds of ends on a cliff-hanger, so I'm looking forward to reading Book 2.

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The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

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