Monday, August 15, 2016

USA - Weeks 2 & 3

I have loved going back over the photos from our trip,
I'm just reminded of how good God is.

We were able to catch up with some friends,
Cody loved catching fireflies in their backyard.

It was a fun evening catching up and getting to know their children a little better.

The next day we headed to Lancaster area,
and stopped by the Harley Davidson plant.
Sadly, they weren't giving tours at that time,
but we had fun checking out all the bikes.

Then we made our way to Patrick's family.
Here we are with his brother's daughter, Ava.

Cody loved the buffets,
especially the Pennsylvania Dutch ones.

I still don't think she understand who these strangers were in her house!

We spent the afternoon at a petting zoo.
We used to bring the kids here when we lived in the states.

Patrick enjoyed the Chinese buffets.

That weekend, Autumn and I went with Dad and Wanda to Ohio for a family reunion,
but first hoagies!

It was a fun road trip, and it brought back a lot of memories from family vacations as a child.

My dad must stop at every Goodwill he sees,
this trip he found two.

Kids and their phones these days!

This with the birthplace of Thomas Edison.

Going a little crazy in the backseat.

While we were at the family reunion,
my brother, Jeff, took Cody to his work picnic.
They both had a lot of fun!

Our third week in the states, the kids both went to separate camps.
Here is Autumn with her best friend, Katie.
They've pretty much been friends since birth,
and skype every week.

Cody and Meghan (Katie's sister) right before they left for camp.

This was Cody's first camp and he absolutely loved it.
Autumn went to the Wilds of New England.

After we dropped the kids off for camp,
we were able to meet up with some dear friends of our.
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffcoat have had a huge impact on our lives.
We've known them since Bible college days.

A drive through Hershey, PA.

My favourite diner meal -
hot turkey sandwich and mashed potatoes.

Patrick went to visit a friend, so I was able to spend some time with my dear friend, Julie, who happens to be the mom of Autumn's best friend.  She recently moved to a new house and this is her backyard.  It was such a blessing to spend some time with her.

After visiting our friends, Patrick and I were able to have a few days together.

We headed to Longwood Gardens.
If you've never been here, it's a must!

Beautiful flower gardens everywhere,
with tons of walking paths.

After doing the adult activity,
we decided to do a kid activity,
and went to HersheyPark!

We rode all the roller coasters possible!

See, I'm tall enough!

I don't think I've ever been to HersheyPark when it didn't rain.
I wasn't disappointed, and we had a gorgeous rainbow afterwards.

The Kissing Tower

The view from the Kissing Tower

Hershey's Chocolate World

The next day we headed back to my dad's,
I found out my other uncle was in town,
so we made a surprise visit!

I was so happy when friends offered to take us kayaking.
We used to have kayaks when we lived in the states,
and it was one of my favourite things to do.

Thankful for good friends.
It was such a peaceful and relaxing evening.

Sunset over the lake.

My brother's dog, Marley.
My dad was dogsitting, so I got some extra time with her.

On Friday, we rode with our friends to pick up Cody from camp.  We have prayed for this camp for many years, so it was so much fun to see their new property that God has blessed them with and join them for their closing service.

Autumn didn't arrive until the next days, 
so we took Cody to Cabela's to look around.

And did some mini golf, which he loved.

We also drove around and reminisced.
This was the old farmhouse where we lived for a few years.

Our home church - First Baptist Church in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Saturday evening Autumn arrived.  I was so happy to have us all back together.
We were off to Disney World!

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