Monday, May 23, 2016

A Little Getaway by Myself

I work a part time job, just 8 hours a week and the office is right next door.  I find volunteers in our community and match them a resident in one of our local Aged Care Facilities (nursing home).  I love my job, it brings in some extra cash, but also allows me to get out of the house 2 afternoons a week.  This past week I was able to attend a conference on Palliative Care in Darwin.  It was a good conference and I enjoyed some time away by myself, which is very rare.

I had some free time for a run along the beach.

It was quite distracting as I kept stopping to take photos.  :)

I also got to stay in a nice hotel and took some time to do my nails.
Gotta love jamberry!

It was a nice few days, but I was so glad to be home.  As much as I loved the alone time, I sure did miss my family.  I am planning another trip here soon to attend a homeschool conference.  I'm so excited about that!

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