Friday, October 9, 2015

Religious Instruction Classes

I am so excited to share a wonderful opportunity we now have in the Barunga school.  One of the great things about Australia is that they allow Religious Instruction in their public schools!  I had been praying about this opportunity, and one day when we were in the community I met the principal of the school and approached the topic.  He was quite keen on the idea so long as the parents in the community agreed.  After a few weeks of discussing the details, I started today!

This is the curriculum I am using this term - Who is God? by John Hay and David Webb, which is from Apolgia.  It gives such a great foundation.  I plan to use this for our Bible curriculum in homeschool next year.

Image result for who is god apologia

We had a wonderful first day!  The classes are divided into 3 groups: Transition-Year 2,  Years 3-6, and Years 7-11.  Most of these children I already know because they come to church and Kid's Club.  I will be teaching every Friday throughout the term.  I appreciate your prayers!

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