Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Trip to America ~ Part 5

Our fun in America continues!
I was so happy we were able to spend more time with the Ricker's.  Julie and I have been friends for 15 years (wow! has it really been that long?!!), and our daughters have been friends since birth (they were born 7 months apart).  We were able to go to Koziar's Christmas Village. This is one of my favourite Christmas places.  Patrick and I went here the night he proposed.  Anyway, here are some photos from our trip there...
Then Patrick and I were able to get away for 2 days.
We went to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
It's such a beautiful city.
I love quaint bookstores!
This factory in the town kind of looks like it could be in a Tim Burton film!
We were able to be in our home church - First Baptist Church in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
It was so good to be there, and we received such a warm welcome.
I'm still overwhelmed when I see these photos.
These were some guys that were in the youth group
we helped in, then in Patrick's College and Career class.
It was so good to see them.
I'm so thankful for good friends!
Speaking of good friends.
This is Laura, and we've been friends since Bible College.
Then we went to Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Where they have Hershey Kisses for streetlights!!
We enjoyed Hershey's Chocolate World,
and the free chocolate afterwards!
My next post will be all about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

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