Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Trip to America ~ Part 4 (NYC)

4 years ago Autumn and I took a trip to NYC with my friend, Julie and her daughter.  So, we decided to go again while we were in America.  Here is a photo of the girls 4 years ago (on left) and last month (on right)...
We decided to drive into NYC, and stay with a friend of a friend who quickly because a friend.  :)  They let us park our car at their church which saved money on parking fees.  So here are photos from our trip.  We drove up Friday morning and left Sunday evening.
The Lincoln Tunnel
The Rockefeller Christmas Tree
The tree at night

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Autumn's new American Girl doll
We walked pass Martha Stewart!!
The Lego Store
The girls made new friends, too.
My new friend, Joy.  Her and her husband live in NYC,
and started a church "to the Jews first".
The 9/11 Memorial
One of the things I love about America.
This was such a moving memorial to those who lost their lives on 9/11.
When it's someone's birthday,
they put a white flower by their name.
The Museum of Natural History
We went and saw Kathleen Kelly's Brownstone.
A favourite movie of all three of us.
A NYC pizza. 
The most amazing pizza anywhere!
Waiting in the subway
Shalom Baptist Church
The tallest building (almost centre) is the new World Trade building.
It's called the Freedom Tower.
The Statue of Liberty
Like the photo bomb?  :)
We had a wonderful trip,
and made lots of memories!

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