Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Trip to America - Part 2

Thanksgiving Day we kept with our old traditions,
and we went to my cousin Lori's for lunch.
This is a photo of mostly everyone that was there.
My dad, bonusmom - Wanda, brothers - Josh, Jason, and Jeff,
my mom and grandmother, Aunt Brenda and Chris,
cousin Jack, and Lori and her boyfriend.
Before Thanksgiving lunch, Autumn and Cody and my brothers built a snowman.
After lunch, my brothers and I planned our Black Friday shopping.
I don't have any photos but we went to my stepbrother's for Thanksgiving dinner.
Thanks, Henry and Karli, for having us!
After dinner we met up with my brothers for our Black Friday shopping.
I stocked up on Yankee Candles!
We ended our Black Friday shopping in the wee hours of the morning
and went to Denny's for hot chocolates.
On Friday we went and picked out our Christmas tree.
Then went back to dad's (where we stayed) and decorated.
Saturday we went and visited my brother, Josh.
Here he is multitasking by playing Clue with Autumn and Legos with Cody.
Then Saturday evening we finally got to see this little guy...
My nephew, Ayden.
On Sunday, Patrick visited his brother in Lancaster area,
so Cody and I went to church with my brother, Jeff.
(Autumn went with my dad to church)
Jeff's church
Sunday afternoon was our Straley Thanksgiving.
In case you lost count, that was 4 Thanksgiving meals we got to enjoy!
And we finally got to meet Ava.
This is Patrick's brother's daughter.
And to think these last two posts only happened in our first 9 days in America!

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