Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our Trip to America - Part 1

I'm not sure how many posts this will take, but I want to post as much about our trip while it's fresh in my mind.  I'll need this when I make my scrapbook.

We left Friday, November 21 at 12:55am.  So we left for the airport on Thursday evening.  We flew from Darwin to Sydney to San Francisco to Albuquerque. 

Cody ready for the first flight.
8 hour layover in Sydney
We found this area and took naps.
Good-bye, Australia.
Hello, San Fran!
Headed to the Rez!
We arranged for the pastor's daughter to pick us up at the airport,
so we could surprise everyone!  Thanks, Tirzah, for all your help!
It was so good to attend Ganado Baptist Church.
We love this place.
A jet-lagged /Autumn and her friends.
Catching up with friends and meeting some new ones.
Ryan and Amber
We stayed on the Navajo Reservation Friday through Monday.  It was a brief trip, but I am so glad we were able to visit, and to see their expressions when they first saw us.  It was wonderful!
Leaving the Rez and headed to Pennsylvania!
Dad stopped at Sheetz so we could get our 2/$1 hot dogs!
We arrived Monday night, and Tuesday was Autumn's 12th birthday...
She requested TGI Fridays for lunch and got free ice cream for her birthday.
And Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, yum!
Grandma Wanda made her a "Frozen"  birthday cake.
The evening of the 25th we attended the first of our Thanksgiving meals.
Thanks Antrim Faith Baptist Church for having us.
They were so happy to see Uncle Jason.
And the kids got their snow!
He was fascinated by the snow plow in the background.
That's Celsius.
The kids were so excited to finally hit pappy with a snowball.


Unknown said...

Such great pictures! :)

Chris and Carole said...

The kids look so excited in the pictures! So glad you had this time!