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My Student Logbook {TOS Review}

My Student Logbook Review
We recently had the opportunity to review My Student Logbook.  We were given the My Student Logbook PDF version dated August 2014 to July 2015.  My Student Logbook is ideal for grade 2 and up.
Finding a student logbook or planner that is not only functional for my children, but also easy to use and assemble can be difficult.  Every homeschool family is different, and to find something that works well for just about any family is not an easy task.  I have tried so many different homeschool planners or logbooks, it's not funny.  But I never found one that really worked for me.

I really like My Student Logbook.  I find it fits well with my homeschool organization and planning, which is a hard task.  So bravo, My Student Logbook!

To best explain how My Student Logbook works please watch this quick video.  It does a much better job of explaining it than I can.  :)

For more helpful videos, check out their youtube channel or find them on Facebook.

I used My Student Logbook for Autumn.  She is in grade 6.  It was very simple to figure out, although I did watch the video first.  I not only listed Autumn's daily school work, but also her chores.  There is just something about crossing off something on your to-do list!  She really enjoyed using My Student Logbook, and I think it gave her a sense of accomplishment.

My Student Logbook Review
Once I filled in  the first week, she was able to continue the following weeks, and I just added things as necessary.  Then when we change courses or need to add another course or even a chore, we simply flip over a new page and we're all good!  (Watch the video to see what I mean there.)
On a side note, I did receive the dated version of August 2014 - July 2015 We homeschool year-round so I was pleased to see they also have a dated version for January - December.  I really like to have our entire year's lessons all in one book.  My Student Logbooks come in three options: August - July, January - December, and an undated version.
Although the PDF version does not include a cover, I asked my kid's what they would chose if I decide to use this planner for next year.  They have lots of fun covers to choose from.
Autumn picked this one:
My Student Logbook Review
And Cody chose this one:
My Student Logbook Review

The PDF version not only includes the log pages, but it also comes with an All About Me page, a Prayers and Goals page, a Bible Verses Memorized page, three Books Read pages, three Events, Projects, Field Trips, Presentations, Activities pages, three Test Records pages, a Year Highlights:  My Favorite Memories from this Year page.  It will be great to have your entire year all organized in one place.
I have only used My Student Logbook for one of my children, but I can see how it will fit well for using it with both of my children.  I would imagine it will be a great tool for larger families. 
You can purchase My Student Logbook for only $15 (you will need one for each child), or the PDF version for $10.  Just a reminder that the PDF version does not include a cover.
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