Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Graham Blanchard - Children's Books for Growing Up in God {Book Review}

Recently I was sent three beautiful board books to review.  They are from Graham Blanchard Inc.  They are sweet children's books that talk about God and Who He is.

$8.99 Ages 0-7
This is from a series of books, others are called Jesus Invites Me and Jesus Shows Me.  Its a beautiful book based on John 10:14-16.  Each page has a verse with a photo and explanation of the verse.  I love the photos of the shepherd with his sheep.  The last page is for grown-ups to help the child learn and gives tips for different age groups: baby, toddler, and child.

$8.99 Ages 3-6
Another beautiful book that talks about the unseen parts of us, our heart, mind, strength and soul.  It's based on Mark 12:30. I loved this little boy dressed in a super hero costume learning about his inner self - his heart, his mind, his sgrength and his soul and how they grow along with him.

Close as a Breath by Callie Grant
$8.99 Ages 0-6
This book was probably my favorite. I just loved how it showed that although we can't physically see God, we can see Him in His Creation.  God is right there with us.  Sometimes He may seem distance, but like the book says, "You can't see God or grasp Him but you know that He's there.  His love and His power are alive everywhere."  It's set in the fall season, and the illustrations are just beautiful. 

Graham Blanchard's Learn, Absorb, and Praise categories give more emphasis to each book.  Here are the themes for each category:

Learn - Know the heart and mind of Jesus
Absorb - Meet with God in my inner life
Praise - Remember God in everything I do

They also give "Grown-up Tips" for the books.  This helps the parent expound on the books with the kids.  It gives more topics to talk about, simply building on the book.  Its such a great idea.

Each book is in the New International Version, I prefer and only use the King James Version so I just changed the verses as I was reading it to my kids, most were familiar.  

These are lovely books to share with your children.  We've read them through a few times and I plan to pass them on to family.  Take some time to check out the Graham Blanchard website and see their other great books.

The books are "printed in China by Oceanic Graphic Printing, which adheres to independently audited environmental standards and meets all CPSIA safety testing requirements."

I was given the three books for free in exchange for a review.  The review and opinions are my own.

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