Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Complete Randomness

I feel I'm a bit behind on blog posts lately and so much has been going on that I thought I would just do a post of complete randomness to help my family and friends who aren't on facebook catch up.

First, it's cold here!  It's been about 50F here in the mornings.  Now for all of you that just went through your brutal winter this may feel warm, but keep in mind we were having 100F temps.  So we dropped 50 degrees.  (Photo is in Celsius.)
Next, not only is my brother here visiting, but we have a girl from Ohio who is interested in working with the Indigenous and has come to stay with us for a few weeks.  No photos of her yet, but I will!
We have been planning to do some work to our living room area.  We wanted to paint the walls, put in new lights and a new fan, and put up new trim.  The project has gotten bigger, but I can't wait for it to be done.  Most of our time is spent in this room.  We do school here, eat here, have prayer meetings here, watch tv, etc.  It all happens here, and we just want this room to be the nicest and coziest. Somewhere in the process my husband just decided to take down the walls.  So now we're adding insulation and new walls.  The photo on the left is of Patrick, Jeff, and Rachel working on the new lights.  I love them.  I'll probably do a blog post of the renovation when it's all done.

I'm getting a little better at my car pancakes.
I didn't get a photo of Autumn's flower, it turned out much better.
We went to our first Australian pig roast.I know meat comes from animals,
but to see peole walking up and just picking meat right off the pig is just a bit gross!
It was good though.
Jeff enjoyed kangaroo kabobs.
A few months ago, I went in to volunteer for a program here in Katherine where they pair up volunteers with resident in Aged Care Facilities (nursing homes) to visit one on one.  I thought it would be a great way to share the love of Christ to someone in need.  The Lord had other plans, and during the interview  I was offered a job to head up the program here in Katherine.  The lady in charge of the program is stationed in Darwin, and would drive down here once or twice a month to meet with volunteers.  She was looking for someone in Katherine who would run the program and hopefully increase the number of volunteers.  So, to make a long story short, they offered me the job, we prayed about it, felt the Lord's hand all over it and I took the job.  The best part is that it's only 8 hours a week AND the office is right next door to our house.  I work Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for 4 hours each. It's perfect because I can do school with the kids in the morning, get them lunch, and then go to work (Patrick is home with the kids those days).  The photo above is taken at a hotel in Darwin, where I had a training for my new job.  They paid for my stay at the hotel and this was the pool area. It was beautiful.   The Lord has opened many, many doors through this job for us in our Indigenous work.
Speaking of our Indigenous work, as most of you know my husband is interim pastor at Savannah Way Baptist Church here in Katherine.  A missionary in the US has been waiting on his visa to come and be the pastor here.  Since the didn't have a pastor they asked my husband to fill in until the other man's visa was approved.  A few weeks ago his visa was approved!  Him and his family will be here in July.  Once they are here, we are able to go full-on with the Indigenous work.  This is something we have been waiting many, many years for.  We know it's all in God's perfect timing, and have been waiting on Him to open the doors.  Which He has been doing!  My husband has been given many invitations to go onto communities to hold church services, through my job many other doors have opened that I will share at a later time, and we have a friend who is going to teach us Kriol (aboriginal language).  Please pray for the church during this transition.
Lastly, I just wanted to quickly ask you to pray about our Vacation Bible School we having coming up - July 13-17 (Sunday-Thursday).  We are using the Answers in Genesis Incrediworld curriculum.  I'm excited about it, but there is a lot of work to do!
This post was much longer than I had planned, but now you're all updated!  If you're still here, thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for your prayers.


Chris and Carole said...

Exciting times are just ahead!!! Great update!

Chris and Carole said...

And we're just entering our Summer weather and our temps are in the 40's :-)

Be Thou Exalted said...

I'm sure 40F feels great for you! Enjoy!