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Learning Wrap-Ups Review
I was given a full online family subscription for all levels from  This is a product of Learning  Wrap-ups.  This program is ideal for grades K-5.

My son is in 1st grade, and he greatly enjoyed  He always enjoys doing any of his school work on the computer. is a fairly easy program to use, and once I taught him how to get started, he was able to do most of it on his own, and he doesn't read yet.  I still needed to be nearby to explain how to do each card, but he could answer the questions independently.

After you log on, you have two options - Math and Reading.  Each subject has 6 levels (basic-level 5).  Each level has a title (theme), each title has 12 "cards", and each card has 12 questions.   The photo on the left is of him doing one of the Reading levels, what you see there is one of the "cards".

The idea with the cards, and you can glance at the photo below to get a better idea of what I'm talking about, is to match the discs on the left with the correct answers in the palette. So below you need to click on the full blue disc and drag it to the bananas on the bottom.  Every card has the palette theme whether it's for math or reading.  When they are finished, or anytime during, they can check their answers.  If they're all correct your child can go onto the next card.  It's as simple as that! has a great instructional video on their main page, I'd encourage you to check it out.

Cody enjoyed both the math and the reading.  He's not fond of reading, in fact, he pretty much hates it at this point, but it was fun enough to keep him entertained.  There are 7,920 fun and educational questions to answer.  All my photos are of him using my laptop, but later he was using the iPad and enjoyed it even more.  I assume because it was more touch and move rather than click and drag.  Who know?!

After your child completes a card, it is marked so that you know which they have completed. also provides a progress report where you can check your child's progress at any time.   The Progress Reports show how many they got correct on each card and how long it took them to complete. also provides a core curriculum correlations sheet.  These help correlate a certain area of math or reading with the card that will aid in learning that area.

The cost of is quite reasonable, I think, with a special they have going on.  For a one year subscription - $59.99 for up to 5 users.  Additionally they are offering 20% off with the code - HOMESCHOOL.

We used 2-3 times a week.  It's a fun program to use as a supplement to our regular curriculum.  I don't think we would enjoy it as much if it was used everyday.  It's a bit monotonous.  The card you see in the photos is the same thing on every card.  I get that it's a palette and that's the them to the program, but Cody only did a few cards each day as he would quickly get bored of doing more of the same.  I felt though that he learned quite a bit using and had better understanding of concepts when doing our regular schoolwork.

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