Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Australian Scouts - Cody

This past week Cody had his investiture into scouts.

Now, anyone who knows Cody well will see something unusual about the photo above.  Yes, he is wearing a collared shirt.  This boy hates collared shirts.  Ever since he was young he would just cry.  I have a picture from when he was 2 on Easter Sunday, he was in tears because he had to wear a little suit.  For nearly 6 years he has rarely worn a shirt with a collar.  We really had to make a fuss over this shirt.  When he first saw it, he cried!  Crazy kid.  Anyway, he got over it and dressed himself for scouts this past week and I was very proud of him. 

Please pass on your parenting lectures, I've learned to pick my battles with my kids, and forcing them to wear something they don't like isn't a battle I feel is important.  Teaching them to love others as Christ loves us, that's my priority.

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