Friday, September 6, 2013

My Family's First Trip Overseas - Part 1

My family arrived on schedule at 1pm on Saturday, August 24th.  I didn't think I'd cry, but when I saw my brother walking through those doors, the tears flowed!  I am so blessed to be part of a close family.  I have 1 older brother and 3 younger brothers (I also have 3 step brothers, yeah, go figure - no sisters!).
We came home and let them get settled and rest.  It's 24 hours in the air from Pennsylvania to Darwin, Australia.  Add layovers and you have some tired travellers.  I made my Asian pork chops (pork chops with soy sauce and brown sugar, that title just sounds fancier!) for Jeff.  That's one meal he requested I make.  They stayed awake after dinner as long as they could, but think they were all asleep by 8pm!
Sunday was exciting for me.  I couldn't wait for my family to go to church with us.  Here is a photo from the morning worship service.  To be playing the piano and hear my dad singing (he sings loud and off-key, but I love him!) was just wonderful.  We sang Victory in Jesus, I knew he'd add "precious blood" to the chorus.  He did not disappoint!
I had made a roast in the crock pot, so we could come home and eat.  Everyone napped, then in the evening we went to the wharf for dinner.  The wharf is one of my favourite spots in Darwin.  I love eating by the water.

After the wharf we went to Mindil Beach.  They have markets there on Sunday and Thursday nights.  So we got to see the sunset over the ocean, and also walk around the markets.  I absolutely love living so close to the ocean.  It's one of my favourite places in the world - the ocean. 

That's part 1.  I have tons of photos, and I want to have this recorded for my kids and for my family.


Rachel said...

All the photos will help keep this trip a very special memory in the hearts of your children and your family that visited.

Glad you all had a great visit. I completely understand the difficulty of saying good-bye. The time goes by too fast.

Anonymous said...

I am Very Proud of My Daughter Son-in-law and grandkids.

Linda Gangemella said...

Love seeing all the happy faces!

Chris and Carole said...

That was such a fast trip! So glad they were able to visit you! You all look so happy!!!