Sunday, July 28, 2013

Want to Hear About My Sunday?

You know you want to!
This was a photo taken a few weeks ago, four of my kids are missing.
As most of you know, we are currently filling in at Gateway Baptist Church for the pastor and his family who are on furlough in America.  They do not have a church building, but rent classrooms at the local university - Charles Darwin University.  (I love being able to tell people I taught the Creation story at Charles Darwin University.  It never gets old!)
Although most Sundays it is just our church that meets there and we have the whole place to ourselves, there are times that business, political parties, and churches rent the other classrooms on Sundays.
Today was one of them.  The university does let us know when there will be other people there, so we were aware that another church would be using several of the classrooms.  Our church is held in a lecture theatre, so that is in a room secluded by itself.  My Sunday School class meets in a section of the building where there are 4 or 5 classrooms.  Today, we were told another church rented three classrooms to hold a special meeting. 
Our service times were the same.  So I got all my kids back in class and we started with prayer and song time.  We heard nice hymns coming from across the hall.  Then it got louder and louder and sounded quite chaotic.  They were speaking in tongues.  I had to talk quite loud for my kids to even hear me!  Then if that wasn't enough, two of my younger ones (1 year old and 2 year old) started crying, and would not stop. 
Oh, what a fun morning!  My lesson this morning was about Moses and the brazen serpent.  I'm a bit disappointed because I'm not sure I was able to show the significance between the brazen serpent and Christ on the cross to the kids, so I plan to do a review next week and clearly share the Gospel.
Would you please pray with me that I would have the opportunity to share the Gospel with my Sunday School kids next Sunday?  I also have the difficult task of doing this with 2-3 babies, while teaching kids all the way up to age 12.  I have one girl in my class - Jayde, she is 10.  I believe she is close to accepting Christ.  I am praying for an opportunity to give her a clear presentation of the Gospel.
So, there you have a glimpse into my Sunday!  It was a bit chaotic, but what a fun story to tell people!!

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I will be praying, Jen.