Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My New {to me} Piano!

I have been searching for a piano since we moved here.  Because of the humidity, we figured it would be best to get an electrical piano.  I found one a few months ago for around $400.  The guy sold it before I had an opportunity to go check it out.  Last week I saw this piano on our community board at the grocery store.  I called the number and it was still available.  She was asking $300 ONO (or next offer).  I went and looked at it, played it a little bit (it sounds wonderful).  Because of our trip to Sydney and the cost to renew passports, money was a bit tight, so I asked her if she'd take less and she said yes!  This past weekend we went and picked it up!  We found someone who will give Autumn piano lessons for a great price (lessons can cost $25-$40/half hour here).  We're just praising the Lord for His goodness!


Rachel said...

Nice looking piano!
What a blessing that God worked out a good price and affordable piano lessons.
God is good!

Jessica Curtis said...

How exciting! And such a great price for the piano!