Monday, February 4, 2013

First Day of School - 2013

In Australia they school year round,
starting in late January and ending in early December.
Today was our first day of school.
Age 10, Grade 5
Math - Abeka
Language - Abeka
History - Rod & Staff
Science - Apologia
Spelling - ACE
Creative Writing - ACE

Age 4 (almost 5), Kindergarten
Answers in Genesis
We had a great first day.  I wish every day could go just like this!


enthusiastically, dawn said...

We just started Home-Schooling last week! ACK! Tips? I have one 7th grader!

Rachel said...

Looks like your kids are anxious and excited for the start of another school year :)
I did not realize that our daughters are so close in age. Sarah will turn 11 this year - August 27th.
Would Autumn be interested in being email pen pals with Sarah?