Monday, July 23, 2012

Computer fan problem solved!

For the past few weeks my laptop would just shut off after a few minutes.  It was frustrating to be in the middle of a blog post, or uploading photos, or chatting to someone on facebook, and with no warning my laptop would just shut down.  I knew my fan wasn't working, and other people were telling me the same thing would happen to their laptop.  I was going to send it somewhere to get it fixed, but a friend on facebook mentioned that her husband bought a replacement fan on ebay and fixed his with a little help from youtube.

So, I purchased a new fan on ebay for $15...THEN looked up the video on youtube!  Honestly I probably wouldn't have purchased it had I seen the video first!  But I have a wonderful husband who knew what to do (not that he has ever torn apart a laptop before, but he's a logical thinker and a mechanic, so he just knew what to do! He did watch parts of the youtube video just to be sure he didn't miss anything.)

When my husband took out the fan (check out photo above), we could tell why it wasn't working.  We probably didn't need the new fan, a good cleaning would have fixed it.  Since we [my husband] already had the laptop torn apart, we [my husband] put in the new fan.  And it has been working wonderfully ever since!

Now I can catch up on my blogs and editing photos!  Have a lovely week!

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