Monday, February 6, 2012

Tour of My Home - Part 4

Here is the last part of our house - the bedrooms.
When looking for a house, we prayed for at least three bedrooms.  We had been promising Autumn for years that when we got to Australia she could have her own room.  And as always, God did not disappoint.
Cody's room.
He still needs a bed and toybox.

Autumn's room.
She picked hot pink and white for colors!

The bathroom.
Here in Australia, almost all homes have a separate room for the toilet.

Main shower.  (No bathtubs in our house.)

Master bedroom.
I love it!

Other side.

Bathroom in our bedroom!
(This bathroom does have a toilet.)

So, there is a tour of our home.  We are officially unpacked, and anxiously awaiting our first overseas visitors in March!  Thanks for stopping by!


Jolene said...

Love it! Looks so cozy and like HOME. Thank you for sharing this series... I really enjoy peeking into people's homes. LOL!

In Russian/Ukrainian homes, the toilets are also in different rooms. Usually they are completely separated, side by side, with a door for each room. At first I didn't like it at all, but eventually warmed up to the idea. Of course, when we built our house we didn't go that route, but I don't mind the separation anymore.

Rachel said...

Everything is so spacious, yet cozy. It is such a great feeling to be settled on the field.
Thanks for the personal tour through your home. Since few people are able to actually travel all over the world and visit missionaries, it's nice to have modern technology to "visit" from a distance.

Our toilet room is also seperate from the main part of the bathroom. It actually works out very well for us since we have one bathroom for six people. I like the fact that if I am taking a shower or doing my hair, the kids still have access to the toilet. Works good for us....I like it!

Ashley L. said...

Jen, I love it! What a lovely home! Thank you so much for the great tour!

Ashley L. said...

(Oops, I used the wrong login... that was Ashley from Missionary Moms in case you don't recognize my last name!) =)