Saturday, March 5, 2016

Grammie's Visit Part 1

I have a lot of photos from Patrick's mum's visit,
but I'll just share our favourites.

Greeting Grammie at the airport

So excited to have Grammie here!

We took her to one of our favourite restaurants in Darwin,
the Trailer, Boat, and Yacht Club.

And this is why it's one of our favourites!

Always a gorgeous sunset in Darwin.

Playing games with Grammie.

We took Grammie to Edith Falls.
No crocodile sightings!

A road trip to Kununurra, WA.

Teaching Grammie how to do selfies.

Tennant Creek Overlook

Teen Group

Cody at scouts.

We had a really great time with Grammie,
I'll share the rest of the photos in another post.

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