Sunday, March 6, 2016

Grammie's Visit Part 2

The overlook at Kununurra.

Grammie and Cody's birthdays are just 2 days apart,
so they celebrated a few days early.
Grammie was turning 60 and Cody was turning 8.

This was probably my favourite part of her trip.
We went to the Territory Wildlife Park in Berry Springs.
It rained the entire time we were there, we were completely soaked.

Trying to stay a little dry in the aquarium!

Grammie finally got to see a kangaroo! 
We really did enjoy the rain! 

A quick lunch at Hungry Jacks. 

Our tour guide on the croc cruise showing us how high they can jump.

No visit to the Territory is complete without seeing some crocodiles!

Enjoying the croc cruise!

Our final dinner before her flight.

Saying good-bye is no fun!

It was so nice to have family visit!  We're ready for our more company!  Who's next?!

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