Monday, October 20, 2014

Standard Deviants Accelerate {TOS Review}

Standard Deviants Accelerate Review
Hello!  I have another TOS Homeschool Review for you.  We've had such a great year reviewing some great homeschool products, and this is no exception.  We enjoyed reviewing Standard Deviants Homeschool Courses for  Standard Deviants Accelerate.  This is ideal for ages 8 through adult.
Standard Deviants Homeschool Courses have many courses to chose from.  Here are just a few:
  • Earth Science (grades 6+)
  • Nutrition (grades 6+)
  • Biology (grades 7+)
  • Chemistry (grades 9+
  • Arithmetic (grades 3+)
  • Fundamental Math (grades 4+)
  • US History (grades 9+)
Standard Deviants Accelerate Review
This course is entirely online.  Each child will need their own email.  For those of you who have children without emails, you can quickly set up one through gmail for free. 

My daughter didn't have any issues using the website.  It fairly easy to manoeuvre around.  We mainly did the Fundamental Mathematics course, but we did check out some of the others.
When my daughter would log in all she needed to do was click that box, it would then take her to the list of lessons.  The lessons are divided into chapters. 
The lessons have short videos to watch, and you can print out the transcript if you wish.  The videos were under 10 minutes each, a few were a bit longer.  Autumn did this course a few days each week and would watch at least two videos each time.

The quizzes are automatically graded for you, and they keep a record of all the scores.  Another great bonus for homeschool moms!
The lessons/videos were engaging.  This was a very good refresher on math for her, and she learned some new things.  There were activities to do, which required several children.  Some of those we skipped if we couldn't do it with just one. 
With each lesson, there were several tabs to click on.  The first one was the video lesson, the next was vocab, then diagram, a quiz with multiple choices, and a written answer quiz.

Here is a good video to show how Standard Deviants Accelerate works for homeschoolers:

For homeschoolers the cost is $99/year or $24.95/month.  There is a six month free trial.  Check out the box below.
Standard Deviants Accelerate Review
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I know there are many online sources to chose from, but why go searching when this one is here?!  Don't just take my word for it, check out the link below to read more reviews from other homeschoolers.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Gold Coast & Brisbane

This past week I had the opportunity to attend a conference in the Gold Coast for my job.  The conference was wonderful, and was very informative.  Plus I got to do a little sight-seeing as well.
My view  from the plane.
The beautiful view from my hotel in the Gold Coast.
My hotel room.  Two big beds all to myself!
After the conference we took the train back to Brisbane,
my co-worker had family there so I stayed at a hotel.
The view from my hotel in Brisbane.
I had all day Saturday free, so I was looking through the brochures at the motel
and came across a whale watching one.  Not to hard to decide!
This has been on my bucket list for ages.
Best part of my trip! #Brisbanewhalewatching
I was thrilled to be able to see dolphins in their natural habitat.
I can cross this off my bucket list!
I had such a wonderful week.
I am so blessed with a wonderful job, and I only work 8 hours a week!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A View From the Top

Hello, this was my view yesterday. 
 I'm in the Gold Coast for a conference.  It's beautiful here!  Photos to come!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Gleanings from the Field ~ A 365 day devotional book

The Baptist Missionary Women have wrote their hearts onto paper and it will soon be published as a devotional book.  Around 70 missionary women from all over the world have contributed to this book, myself included.  The book will cost approximately $10.  If you are interested in a copy, please leave a comment.  We will contact you in the near future for payment and your mailing address.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fortuigence {TOS Review}

Fortuigence Review
As many of you know I am part of the TOS Review Crew.  This means I am given homeschool related products to try and review.  Recently we had the privilege to review Essay Rock Star Textual Analysis Writing Course for FortuigenceFortuigence is a homeschool writing curriculum that is completely online.
Teaching writing can be a difficult task.  For some it comes easy, for others it can be a struggle.  My daughter enjoys writing, but she struggles with keeping everything flowing. 
One of my favourite things Fortuigence has to offer is that there is nothing for me to do, no grading, proofreading, lesson plans, etc.  Everything is online, assignments are sent via the website and the teacher will respond via emails.  This makes my job so much easier!
Besides Essay Rock Star Textual Analysis Writing Course, Fortuigence offers three other Rock Star courses as well:

Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course
The personal statement, also known as a personal narrative is helpful to learn as many college applications require a “tell us about yourself” or personal statement essay.

Essay Rock Star Persuasive Essay Writing Course
This type of essay is important because the writing sections of most college entrance exams like the SAT require persuasive essay writing.

Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course
The expository essay is a common essay is often assigned in high school or college. The purpose of an expository essay is to explain a specific subject.

Each course costs $57.  If your child is doing the program 3 times a week, it can be finished in 4-5 weeks, but this program is designed for the child to go at their own pace.  So no need to rush.  These courses are ideal for ages 12-18.  My daughter is 11, and did struggle a bit with some of the terms and it's taking her a bit longer to finish.  I would definitely recommend it for teenagers.

Fortuigence Review
Like I said, we reviewed the Essay Rock Star Textual Analysis Writing Course.  A review on someone's work is a Textual Analysis.  I guess that's what I'm doing here.  :)  The course has 7 lessons.  You cannot skip lessons, they must be done in order.  Your child is given assignments.  These assignments are submitted on the website (you can easily upload your document).  Autumn submitted her assignments and received an email the next day. 
SP - ERS-TA Course Screen Shot
This is your child's online classroom.  On the left you see the lessons.  Check marks appear when the lesson is complete.  Each lesson has a video and the script below.  You can also submit your work here.  If you have any questions, just click "Ask a question of the instructor" there on the bottom left.  We never needed to use this, but I'm sure they respond quickly.
The website is very easy to manoeuvre around.  There is a great deal of information.  I encourage you to take some time to look around.
There are many writing courses onlines, so why chose Fortuigence?  Here are a few reasons:
  • Writing instruction from a teacher with 10+ years of experience
  • No scheduled classes, when you start and finish is up to you, you work at your own pace
  • A real teacher reviews and grades your child's work
  • Feedback from your teacher within 24 (business) hours
  • They work with special need learners

    • To learn more about Fortuigence:
    Google+: and
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    Wednesday, October 8, 2014

    Our Homeschool Room

    Our schoolroom is our dining/lounge room.
    This is the room we are always in, and it's just easier on me to do school here.  We don't have any extra rooms to have a specific homeschool room, but I prefer doing school here anyway.
    We start our days at 9am and try to finish by noon.
    We use a little bit of everything - ACE, Apologia, Mystery of History, and whatever I can find online.
    This is our hallway, and where I keep all our homeschool books,
    as well as all our craft supplies.  I found that colourful organizer for $20!
    I'm letting you see inside the closet.
    Thankfully it doesn't get too messy.
    At the end of each school day, all the school books go back in here.
    We often take our learning outside.  I'm very thankful for the many places that are wonderful to the homeschoolers in our community.  This photo was taken at a recent field trip where we met Ranger Clare at the Low Level and she did a presentation on being CrocWise.  As you can see there are quite a few homeschoolers here.
    We often take our school books to the library and do school there,
    especially during the wet season when we can enjoy the free air conditioner!
    I'm thankful for the privilege to homeschool my children.
    Thanks for joining me, if you're interested in taking a peak into other homeschool rooms,
    check out the Baptist Missionary Women homeschool tours.

    Monday, October 6, 2014

    My Verse

    I guess you could say this is my life's verse or my theme verse.  No matter what you call it, this is my verse.  It's the one that I always go back to.  It reminds me that my plans are not His.  We have been in Australia almost 3 years.  We prayed for 3 years for our visas to come here.  This three years has gone by much faster than the previous 3 years!  It's just a good reminder that God is in control, that He has a perfect plan, this His ways are not mine, and that I need to leave my life in His hands.