Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Essentials Skilled Advantage {TOS Review}

Essential Skills Advantage Review

Essential Skills Advantage Review

We have enjoyed reviewing the Complete Home Learning Suite by Essentials Skilled Advantage (ESA).  This is a fun, innovative, online learning program for Kindergarten through 6th grade. 

ESA has been designed by a highly experienced team of educational teachers, writers, and developers.  I was impressed to read that ESA is used in over 20,000 schools in North America.  You can read more about ESA here.

The start up process was quite easy.  It was also easy to add a child, and my son was able to get started right away, which makes this momma happy.  It was also easy enough that he was able to get on my laptop at any time, logon, and do his work.

You can read more about their curriculum here, but in short they offer 5 subjects as you can see to the left.  Each subject has several sections of learning.  We have tried most of them, but my son's favourite was Science, particularly Life Science.  And to be even more specific the animals!  If you've read my blog before you know my son loves animals.  He flew through the science section, but there was so many activities to chose from that it did keep him busy for awhile.  I was amazed at all the topics of learning under each subject.

Here he is doing spelling.  This wasn't his favourite, but it was really good for him.  I had him do a few activities before he did the science.  There were lots of fun activities that kept his attention. 

My son enjoyed the Language and Grammar, this was his first time doing a crossword puzzle.  He loved it.  The Language and Grammar had so many fun activities.  This has been a great addition to our regular Language curriculum.  His current language curriculum is in workbook form, so using the computer makes learning more fun.

This page here shows the work completed.  You can see the answers he got correct or incorrect.  This was great for him to see all the gold stars, but also for me as the parent to see how well he was doing.  While the child is doing the work, it lets you know if you got the answer correct or not.

Another bonus to ESA is that if you have any problems with their site (which we did not have any issues) you can click the exclamation point that is on every page.  A pop up box appears and you can send a message letting them know the problem.

In summary, I think ESA is a great online resource.  I've been very happy with it, and my son has enjoyed it as well.   If your child struggles with certain subjects and  you want some fun reinforcements, ESA is something you should definitely check out.  If your child is constantly done with their work early, and you're looking for some extra fun work, ESA is something you should really consider.  You can check out the different pricing options here, but I think $69.99/year is a really good deal.  To add another child, it's only $.99/month.  There are over 14,000 fun and exciting activities to complete, and I think it's totally worth the investment!

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Essential Skills Advantage Review

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Got Junk?

Recently our little town had a junk sculpture competition.  We attended it last year, and my husband had some ideas and has worked on a few things.  Then he created this masterpiece to enter into the competition.

It lights up and squirts water!
It's made from old car parts and other odds and ends.

And he came in 3rd!

The kids loved pushing the button and squirting water at unsuspected people walking by.

I'm so proud of him!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Human Hungry, Hungry Hippo Game for Teen Groups

Looking for a fun game for your teen/youth group?
Try a human version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

We just used two skateboards, two laundry baskets, and a tons of plastic balls.
Our teens had a blast!

Do you have any fun game ideas for teen/youth groups?

Model A Car Show

Cody - "Wow, that car is old.  It must be from the 1980s!"

Sunya Publishing {TOS Review}

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

To help my son with his addition and subtraction facts we have been playing Sunya - The Magic and Wonder of Math and Sciences Adding & Subtracting by Sunya Publishing.  This has been a fun review, as my son loves multiplication, but is not a fan of subtraction.  So this has been a great way to do some sneaky school!

Here is what we received:
Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}
An instruction book, two decks of cards and a number line (not in photo).
The instruction books is a bit wordy.  I read it over twice, then decided to just jump into the game.  It is quite simple to play and it does make you think!  There are two decks of cards.  The first deck has 60 number cards (1-9) along with a card for the plus sign, another card for the minus sign, and another for the equal sign.  There is also two wild cards (as seen below). 

It is somewhat similar to uno, it has numbers instead of colours and you're working math problems.  The word Sunya (the "u" is pronounced "oo" as in "book") is a word from the ancient language in India, Sanskrit, and it means of being empty or without quality.  Like in uno, when you have one card left you say, "Uno!", in Sunya, you say, "Sunya!" when you are out of cards to show you are out of number cards and you have won!

The second deck has 30 amazing math and science facts and riddles.  My kids have especially enjoyed these.  What kid doesn't love a good joke?!

My kids were able to play this together, but what I also loved was that my son could play it by himself.   Sunya is a great game to strengthen your child's math skills and have fun at the same time.  Sunya also has a multiplying and dividing game that looks like fun.

Please check out Sunya, they are a new company and are not quite ready to receive orders.  So, this is a sneak peak for you.  Keep an eye on their website!

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

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Monday, May 23, 2016

A Little Getaway by Myself

I work a part time job, just 8 hours a week and the office is right next door.  I find volunteers in our community and match them a resident in one of our local Aged Care Facilities (nursing home).  I love my job, it brings in some extra cash, but also allows me to get out of the house 2 afternoons a week.  This past week I was able to attend a conference on Palliative Care in Darwin.  It was a good conference and I enjoyed some time away by myself, which is very rare.

I had some free time for a run along the beach.

It was quite distracting as I kept stopping to take photos.  :)

I also got to stay in a nice hotel and took some time to do my nails.
Gotta love jamberry!

It was a nice few days, but I was so glad to be home.  As much as I loved the alone time, I sure did miss my family.  I am planning another trip here soon to attend a homeschool conference.  I'm so excited about that!