Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Paperwork Problems

We've been waiting on the final paperwork for our visas - our FBI clearances.  We sent them in six weeks ago.  I've been calling and calling and they keep saying they'd get back to me.  Well, yesterday I called and the man I spoke with said, I'm going to put you through to my manager.  I thought finally I'll get some answers.  The manager picks up the phone and says, "We have a problem".  I could have cried...actually I did later.  Apparently the FBI lost our paperwork and fingerprint cards.  Yes.  They lost it.  Thank you, Uncle Sam.

This was my husband's status on facebook yesterday: -The FBI lost our paperwork. "Sorry, we're a big department." Maybe I'll lose my tax forms next year. "Sorry, it's a big house..."-

The manager told me that if I would send in the paperwork again, the he would personally process it, and waive the fees (he's too kind) and then fedex it back to us.  We had to drive over an hour away to the closest place that would do fingerprints, but first we had to get two $30 money orders for the fingerprints.  Expensive!  Once we got to the sheriff's department, the lady there told me I needed some number.  Normally you have to be fingerprinted on special cards from the FBI and apparently this card has a special number on it.  Once again I called the FBI to find out this number.  The lady at the FBI office said I didn't need a number.  I was back and forth with the lady at the sheriff's department and the lady at the FBI.  Finally I remembered that when we were fingerprinted about two months ago that it was done electronically.  So, I asked if they still had that on record.  After what seemed like forever the lady came out with copies of our fingerprints.  She was kind enough to not charge us the $60 ($30 for each) again.

Now we were off to Fedex to get them shipped.  I looked it up on the Fedex website and we went to the address it Fedex.  We called the pastor here and he told of another one inside the local airport.  I know, strange place for a Fedex office, but  maybe it ships right from there.  Well, to no suprise their computers were down.  I waited over 30 minutes for the computers to get rebooted or whatever it was they were doing (probably playing solitare, I couldn't see the screen, so who knows).  No apologies either.  It cost $26 to ship it overnight.

I got online this morning, went onto the Fedex website and typed in the tracking number.  To my surprise the package was delivered.  Fedex redeemed themselves.

So I called to speak with the manager (he told me to call with the tracking info).   When I finally got ahold of a human being, they told me their manager was not in the office today.  Really?

I will be calling first thing Monday morning.  I'm asking prayer that the manager would be there and that he would keep his word.  Once we get the paperwork back from them, we'll be shipping it to immigration, then wait to hear from them.  We're so close!

I am rejoicing in all the little blessings though.  We weren't charge again for the fingerprints.  We may have the papers by the end of next week.  And I didn't have to cook supper last night.  It's the little things, right?! 

 God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.


lifeof4boys said...

wow! that is stressful! Praying for you guys!

Lisa said...

Definitely praying for this situation! You are ALMOST there!!!!!