Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pioneer Woman - Chili

I finally felt it was crisp and fall enough to make chili...I'm weird like that.  To me all chili recipes are the same, you just dump in all the extra stuff left in your cupboards, right?  The one thing this recipe had in it that was different was Masa, which is corn flour found in Mexican section of the grocery store.  It really thickened it up and I had to add water to get it to the consistentcy that we like, but it was good and it had a little kick to it.  I have yet to find the perfect chili recipe.  Every time I make it I ask what does it need, is it hot enough, is it good.  I'm waiting for the "wow" faces and I haven't gotten that yet!

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tascha said...

what kind of spices/seasoning do you use in your chili?
something I love - that makes chili that 'just so' for me is corn kernels. i know, sounds odd, but i LOVE the sweet crunch of corn in my savory chili. :) and also love to top it with a sprinkle of crushed corn chips and cheddar cheese - yum. i'm getting hungry just thinking about it -lol.