Thursday, September 30, 2010

Master Chef...kind of

It's been awhile since I've posted any cooking stuff.  That's because I haven't been cooking lately.  With our trip to Florida and my husband's trip to Arizona (I don't cook much when it's just me and the kids) there hasn't been much cooking or baking going on in my house.

I found a recipe for "egg cups" (sorry I can't remember where) and my brother decided to try it.  It's easy.  Just line a muffin tin with a piece of bacon and add the egg.  They said just to crack the egg and drop it it, but we scrambled the egg.  Bake it at 375 for about 17 minutes.  And the result?

They looked good, but no one like them (I wasn't feeling well and didn't try it).  Not sure why.  I'll probably try it again sometime.  I can't write this off as a failure just yet!

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Charity said...

I found a similar recipe that splits our household.... my husband eats them becaue they are healthy but makes sure I know they are not his favorite. My kids however, eat them.

Spray your muffin tin. Crack and egg in each one. Put in 1 Tbsp of cream (I use 1% milk most of the time just because that's what I always have). Salt and pepper over each one. Take a fork or a knife and cut through them (not really scrambled but not regular either...) and then top it with 1/2 Tbsp cheddar and a tsp or so of parmesean cheese. Bake.

I like them quite a bit. May be worth trying again.