Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Losing weight stinks. There is nothing fun about it, yet there is nothing fun about carrying around the extra weight. I haven't posted anything about losing weight on here before, other than it's a New Year's Goal.

Well, I am back on the exercise band wagon again. I started a few weeks ago. Me and my treadmill...well, we have a love/hate relationship. I hate it, yet I want to lose the extra weight.

I've been doing the treadmill for over a year. Only I do it for a few weeks, and get discouraged and quit. Then start again, then quit again, etc. Last week I came across a program called Couch to 5k. It's a program that gets you going from walking 20 minutes to jogging 3 miles.

Tonight was the season premiere of the Biggest Loser. If that show doesn't encourage people to get off the couch and exercise I really don't know what can. Here is a photo of this year's contestants:

And of course, these scary people:

I fear Jillian. I've been wanting to try our her 30 Day Shred, but I just don't have any room in the house to watch it and exercise. We have a tiny home. So, I'll stick with the treadmill. If you think of me, please pray I'll be dedicated, devoted, and motivated. Thanks!!


Sue said...

Good for you! It's easy to want to lose the wait, but oh so hard to stay motivated and put the effort into actually losing it! I've promised myself that after baby comes I'm going to be a lean mean exercising, weight-losing machine. I'll pray for you to stay focused!

Sue said...

That should have said "...want to lose the *weight*" not "wait". Duh. :)

Ellen said...

I understand what you mean. I know, I know, anyone who see's my picture will think I'm crazy for saying I understand, but I do need to lose some weight. 15 or 20 would be good. Clothes hide a multitude of sins,lol. I have a friend who has stuck with the treadmill for a month and eating healthy. She lost 10 lbs. Go Jen, you can do it!!!