Monday, December 29, 2008

Jason's Graduation

Today was an EXTREMELY busy day! This morning we had the Sunday School Christmas play, then in the afternoon we went to my Aunt Joann's for our Straley (my maiden name) Christmas, and this evening was my brother, Jason's graduation. I posted all the pics in different posts, so keep scrolling to see everything. The day went well, and I am tired, but I couldn't go to bed and not let you all see these pics, because I know you won't sleep until you do :) So, without further ado...

The graduate and Autumn
The Walk
The Speech (he mentioned me...awww!)
He received a new Bible and his diploma.
The yummy cake...thanks, Aunt Jo!
Food, Fun, and Fellowship...yes, a Baptist function!
Posing (again) for his sister!
Jason, Cody, and Autumn My family...
Jeff, Dad, me, Autumn, Cody, Jason, Patrick, and Josh
(Keep Scrolling!!)

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