Sunday, September 14, 2008

Movie Review - Bella

I'm not one to watch a movie twice, unless its really good. And Bella was really good! Go here to see the trailor on youtube. Its about how one day can change your life forever. Here is the plot summary..."An international soccer star is on his way to sign a multi-million dollar contract when something happens that brings his career to an abrupt end. A waitress, struggling to make it in New York City, discovers something about herself that she's unprepared for. In one irreversible moment, their lives are turned upside down...until an impetuous action brings them together and turns an ordinary day into an unforgettable experience. Once a famous athlete, and now a cook at his brother's Mexican restaurant, José has retreated from the world but he recognizes something in Nina, a young waitress, and reaches out to her. In the course of a single day, he not only confronts his past but shows her how the healing power of a family can help her embrace the future." (Summary taken from here.) I must warn you - I cried through the entire last half of the movie! Another bonus for the cursing, no sex, no violence. I give this movie "2 Thumbs Up"!!!


Mrs. J said...

thanks for the idea. is this available in redbox? lol

Mrs. J said...

oops, I just read the blog below this blog and just saw it's from redbox. I will be renting that on Monday, yeehah!