Thursday, May 4, 2017


This is Jane.  She is one of the dear ladies that attend our church.  She is dying of cancer.  About two months ago doctors gave her about 3 weeks to live.  Basically she is living on "borrowed time".  My husband is convinced God has left her here just to be an encouragement to (and possibly to convict) other Christians.  Jane amazes me.  She has every excuse to stay home and miss church.  Yet she insists on coming.  Two weeks ago her sister was away so she decided to walk to church.  Thankfully someone was passing by, they picked her up and dropped her off.  This past Sunday, I went and picked her up for church.  As I helped her stand up out of her wheelchair and use her walker to painfully walk to my car, I said, "Are you sure you want to come today."  She said, "I need to hear the Word today."  Tears immediately came to my eyes.  How often we take this for granted!  After church she stayed until everyone left, she wanted to soak up the fellowship.  As I was helping her get into the car, she began singing, "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength".  Even as I write this, tears are flowing.  Jane is in a lot of pain.  It hurts her to sit, to stand, to walk.  I asked her how can I pray for her this week, and I wanted to share those requests with you.  She said, "Pray for strength to handle my pain, and pray that I will be faithful until the end."  Please pray for Jane.

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