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Digital Savvy by CompuScholar {Homeschool Review}

CompuScholar, Inc.

We live in a day and age where everything is becoming computer based, and it looks like it will continue to be like this.  I have been slowly having my children learning basic computer skills, and even do some of their subjects completely on the computer.  No matter the job, computers will always be around.  So, in light of that, we've had fun reviewing the new Digital Savvy course for CompuScholar, Inc,  (formerly known as Homeschool Programming).

CompuScholar, Inc. Digital Savvy

Digital Savvy is for 6th-12th grades. You have the option to pay monthly or for the entire year ($120). The course has 25 chapters (which include several lessons each) and can be done over the course of a year.  I reckon you could even do it in less time depending on your child's productivity and interest.  The course site is well laid out and very user friendly.

This course covers fundamental computing topics and skills such as:
  • Hardware, software, and operating systems
  • Managing files and folders
  • Basic networking
  • Online safety and computer security
  • Using Word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation programs
  • Creating simple databases
  • Image editing
  • Using social media and email communications
  • Introductory website design
  • Simple computer programming concepts
  • Exploration of computing careers

The course requires you to have Windows or Mac operating systems.  To complete the student work, the systems must be Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Mac OS 10.7 version or higher.
Your child will complete fun, hands-on projects in every lesson and a quiz.  Each lesson has a video to watch and a student text to read.  It's probably a good idea to watch the video and read through the student text, as the text sometimes has info not in the video.  

At the end of each chapter is a exam.  The program also records these exams.  The lessons can be done at your own pace.  My daughter who is in 9th grade did roughly 1 chapter each week.  It just depended on the rest of her work load for the week.  She enjoyed the course although it took her a little while to get into it and want to do it, but she's a teenage girl and texting her friends sometimes distracts her from schoolwork.  We're working on that.  Haha!

Overall, I feel this is a great course and much needed in our day and age.  Looking over the course there are a few lessons that I want to go in and read through.  I'm sure there is plenty in there for me to learn!  I learned all my computer skills on my own and wish I had learned through a course like this.  This is a nice easy course for your child to learn the basics of computer knowledge without making mistakes some of us oldies (or maybe it's just me?!) tend to make.

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