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Daily Bible Jigsaw (App) {Homeschool Review}

Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316I have had a fun time reviewing Daily Bible Jigsaw for Planet 316.  I don't often play games on my phone or computer, I got slightly addicted to a farm game years ago, and just decided to stay away from them.  😏  I wasn't sure how I would like this app, but I do love puzzles.  I have an iPhone 6, so I downloaded the free app and started playing straight away.  I found myself slightly addicted to this in no time!  I have taken a lot of screen shots, so keep reading to see what it's all about!
Planet 316

Each day you have a new puzzle to complete.

The completed puzzles all have a Scripture passage.

Across the top is a bar that shows your coins (far left),
and a clock that times you as you do the puzzles (far right).
(I think this was one of my first puzzles and I didn't use any cheats.
I'm much better now and average 1:30 minutes!)

The buttons in between are helps (or cheats!).
From left to right:
Rotate - rotates all the pieces in the correct position
Guide - shows the completed photo
Sweep - moves all the pieces of to the side
Magnet - puts two pieces together
Edges - removes middle pieces and only shows the edges

Work in progress

A completed puzzle

There is a weekly tourney,
as you can see one week I made it to 3rd place.
(I did this by going back and doing previous daily puzzles
with a little help from my son.)

Here is my completed March calendar.

You do have the option to compete with other people if you connect to facebook.  I didn't do this as I don't have any friends who play this game and I hate bugging people to play.  If you do decide to download this free app, please connect with me!

Other options for playing Daily Bible Jigsaw:

Google Play (Andriod)

Apple App Store (iOS devices)

Facebook (Mac or PC)

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