Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Religious Instruction Classes

I just finished teaching Religious Instruction/Education for Term 1 for the 2016 school  year.  I taught on the life of Noah and focused on his obedience to God.   I'm so thankful for Answers in Genesis.   I was able to get a lot of great info and photos from their website to show the kids as I taught.  

Teaching about the Rainbow was a privilege for me because in the Aboriginal culture they have the Rainbow Serpent, and they believe this Rainbow Serpent is the creator.  I sought wisdom from several of our Aboriginal Christian friends on how to teach about the rainbow without offending.  I'm thankful for the liberty to share God's Word in a public school setting.  I ended the term by doing a rainbow craft.  Have you ever tried doing a craft with 50 children?!!  I'm so thankful I had my daughter there to help.  The kids did a great job as  you can see from the photos above.

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