Thursday, February 4, 2016

Why I am Grateful for Homeschooling {Not Back to School Blog Hop}

This is an interesting theme, and makes you sit and think...a lot... before hitting publish.  I found this very encouraging and beneficial as I go about my typical homeschool day.  It's easy to allow it to become mundane, but nothing helps like counting your blessings!

1. My kids are best friends
They have their moments, like all brothers and sisters do, but they're close and I'm grateful for this.

2. I get to witness firsthand as they learn new things.
I have truly loved teaching my son how to use the Bible, how to find Scripture verses, memorize the books of the Bible with him, and so much more.  I have loved reading history books with my daughter, and learning new things about great Christians who have lived before us.

3. We are together all the time.  
Yes, this is a good thing!  My husband is a pastor and a mechanic (with his shop at our house), so we are together all the time.  We enjoy this, and I've noticed when one of us are gone we feel the void.  My son always says he likes it when we are all home together.

4. We get to travel and not worry about days off school.
We've been able to do some fun trips.  Most of them have to be short because of my husband being a pastor, so since we can't be away for more than a few days at a time we just try to get out more often.  Last year we travelled to some awesome places here in Australia!

5. We learn together.  
Last year we did Apologia's Astronomy.  It was fascinating and we all learned so much together!  Some of their subjects they do independently, but we do history, science, language lessons, readings, and anything else we can find, we do together.

6.  I have absolutely loved being there to teach them how to read,
and listen to them read their first book.  What an amazing day it was when my son picked up a book and read for the first time on his own.  It made my heart swell.  It's such a blessing to have a part in this.

I often get the "I could never homeschool, I'd kill my kids" (figuratively speaking...I hope).  Here's the thing, I love my kids, I love being around my kids (most of the time), I want the absolute best for my kids, therefore I homeschool.  That's not to say we don't have our bad days, oh, we do.  But I keep in mind that in a few years they will be grown and out of the house, I can have all the alone time I want then.  Until that time, I'm going to soak up every moment with them, the good and the bad.

"The days are long, but the years are short."

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susan4fr said...

Love this! Thanks so much for sharing your heart! I am homeschooling my eldest this year and loving it! I have learned so much about her, and myself! Can't wait to start with the boys as well!

Kylie said...

I'd loved doing this too for that reason Jen, it really got me to think about our experiences.

Thanks for joining in with the hop.

Sammy said...

I agree with teaching them to read. Its a wonderful feeling. :)

Angie Tester said...

So true - the days are long, but the years are short. This is so true and its a blessing that we can be together with our family for as long as possible :)