Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saying Goodbye...again

Patrick's mum came to visit us for about two weeks (lots of photos to come!).  My kids were so thrilled to have Grammie here and to show her their lives here.  But as it goes with visits, the visitor has to return, and the tears come flowing.  This is tough as a parent to watch, and I struggle.  I try to keep my focus that we are exactly where God wants us, and I really don't want to return, I just want all our family to move here.  Heaven is going to be so sweet.  No goodbyes, no tears, just one big family reunion.  I can't wait!!

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Angie Tester said...

Tis bittersweet I know to have those you love visit and go away again. Would be the same from your mum-in-laws's perspective. Lovely that you all got to spend some good time together. xx