Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What's Going on Around Here?

The kids have been enjoying all our board games during school holidays,
so we purchased Cluedo to add to our collection.
We had Cluedo Junior, but it was a big young for them.  They've been enjoying this one.

Autumn had a blue lemonade frozen drink right before we went grocery shopping.
And she says I'm embarrassing!

This is one of our many church dogs.
Cody has named them all even though they have names already.  :)

One of Autumn's friends sent us some Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate.
So, I took advantage of taking this popular photo on Instagram.
I was studying for my Kid's Club lesson, I promise.

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Frangipani Bloomfields said...

Our family are fellow board gamers. I would love to hear about your family favourites.