Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Remembering 2015...
  • We started the year by flying back to Australia after a 6 week trip to America.  I believe we celebrated the New Year somewhere over Hawaii.
  • After being home just one day, we got a call that Patrick's uncle had passed away.
  • We started helping at the church in Barunga by just attending Sunday morning services.
  • Autumn started 7th grade and Cody started 2nd grade.
  • February we started helping with the Kid's Club on Wednesday nights.
  • Cody turned 7 in February.
  • We were finally able to purchase our home in March.
  • Had a fun field trip with our local firemen and policemen.
  • I celebrated one year at my part time job in April.
  • We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary in May.
  • In June we went to Alice Springs and finally got to see Uluru (Ayers Rock).
  • In July we started prayer meetings for the adults while Kid's Club is going on.
  • We celebrated Territory Day with lots of fireworks for our Kid's Club in Barunga!
  • In August, one of my dearest friends and her family came to visit us.
  • I started teaching Religious Instruction in the Barunga Community School.
  • We took a field trip to Tindal Caves.
  • In October we started our Teen Group in Barunga (probably my favourite ministry).
  • Autumn turned 13!
  • We held a Thanksgiving dinner for some close friends.
  • We attended lots of Christmas activities.
  • Rode in a fire truck!
  • Had a wonderful Christmas service in Barunga.
  • And brought the New Year in together as a family.
Well, Cody didn't quite make it to midnight.

Please know, I do not share any of this for my own credit...

To God be the glory and to Him alone.
For without Him none of this would be possible.

Happy New Year!

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